OPTIONSJET guides you What to buy, When to buy,  What to sell and  When to sell?
Our buy/sell recommendations of STOCKS is based on our options analysis.
Long and short term Market perspective.
Should I go Long or Short the market?
Analysis of market segments.
In what sector  the options traders put their money?
Detail analysis for individual stocks/ETFs.
How to interpret the options activities?
In-depth analysis of investors portfolio
Market timing models that is based on options activities.
Search engines that helps investors to identify opportunities in real time.
Options Oscillator for individual stock, sectors or the market.
Propriety overbought oversold indicators.
Pair trades analysis.
Volatility trades
And many many moreā€¦.Analysis of the options activities for individual stock.
Which options activities are driven by buyers and which are driven by the sellers?
Forward looking stock price analysis.
Based on the current options activities, what is the fair price of the stock?
Strategy computation.
Which combination of stock and options best fit my market perspective?
Indicators and risk analysis
How to interpret the options activities? 
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